Can the hearing aid be repaired after the warranty period?

Hearing aids are also repairable after the warranty period, but they are not permanent, because with the development of technology, some spare parts will be discontinued due to the passage of time, such as some use.10Even more than the year10For the hearing aids of the year, it is very difficult to repair. It is necessary to go through the factory to check whether the spare parts need to be replaced. The spare parts that need to be replaced are not in stock. The optimal service life of the general hearing aids is probably5-8In the year, the warranty period of hearing aids is actually relatively long compared to other electronic products, and the longest can be achieved.5In the year, electronic products such as mobile computers have a warranty period of only one year.


If the hearing aid user feels that there is a problem with his hearing aid, it is recommended to go to the place where you bought it and ask the applicator to check it for you.

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