Hearing aid It is an auxiliary product, which can compensate for the sound that you can’t hear in the hearing range. The structure of the human ear is very precise and complicated. At present, it can’t be cured by medical means. Wearing a hearing aid can not completely cure deafness!

For patients with hearing loss, as long as you have residual hearing, you can use a hearing aid. If you can’t hear the sound for a long time, the eardrum does not vibrate, and you don’t stimulate the nerves, then the hearing will get worse and worse. With hearing loss, the ability to resolve is also improved. After falling, after a long time, I will hear the sound, but I don’t know what to say.

The main function of the hearing aid is to amplify the sound so that the residual hearing can be utilized to the utmost extent, and the residual hearing is awakened from the latent state, so that the hearing loss patient can properly recover after wearing the hearing aid and under the guidance of the fitter. Scientific training, from hearing no sound to being able to understand the sound, and compensating for hearing loss, not only improves listening but also improves the understanding ability, so normal communication and chat can improve your self-confidence.

Now patients with hearing loss, if they find hearing loss, they must go to the hospital for early examination, early intervention, medical equipment can not recover as early as possible to wear hearing aids, do not waste the most precious recovery time on the impossible rehabilitation treatment, protection Your hearing is imperative!



Will a hearing aid restore my hearing?

Most Americans with hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids. Medical treatments and surgical procedures are helpful for only five percent of adults with hearing loss.

Hearing aids cannot cure hearing loss, but they CAN help you hear better again.

Hearing is a complex process that starts with the ears and ends in the brain where information is received, stored and “decoded” into something we understand.

When you add hearing aids to boost hearing, the brain suddenly registers long-lost sounds. Adjusting to amplification requires time, endurance and patience. You are essentially retraining your brain to interpret sounds, focus on some and filter others out – just as you did naturally when your hearing was normal.

Hearing aids can improve your ability to hear and communicate with the world around you, but they cannot “cure” your hearing loss – just as glasses do not “cure” your nearsightedness or farsightedness. They are tools to help you manage the problem, and while they can contribute significantly to an improved quality of life, they are not perfect. Even with successfully fitted hearing aids, you may still have difficulties hearing well in some situations. You will find ways to adapt to your new hearing aids, including watching people more closely as they talk and keeping background noise to a minimum when possible.

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