Can sensorineural deafness be cured?

When we are diagnosed with a disease, the first question we care about most is whether the disease can be cured or not. So how do you treat if you are diagnosed with sensorineural deafness?

Sensorineural deafness is a common type of hearing loss. It is caused by the lesions of the cochlear hair cells, the auditory nerve or the hearing center. The hair cell lesions are called the sensorineural sputum. The lesions are located in the auditory nerve and its conduction path. Neurological paralysis. Whether sensorineural deafness can be cured is one of the most concerned issues. Unfortunately, according to the current medical level, most sensorineural deafness cannot be cured by medication.


Because the sensorineural hearing loss is caused by the damage of the sensory and nerve cells that transmit the sound, unlike the scratched wound, the nerve cell damage is irreversible and cannot be regenerated. However, the damage of nerve cells requires a process. If there is still hope for recovery in the early stage of injury, drug treatment is often in the early stage, and the longer the injury time, the smaller the hope of cure.

Therefore, sensory deafness is generally more difficult to rely on drug cure, the most effective solution is to compensate for hearing by selecting a hearing aid to delay hearing loss.

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