Can a Bluetooth headset be used as a hearing aid?

Bluetooth headsets and hearing aids are two completely different products. Bluetooth headsets can’t be used as hearing aids, but some hearing aids can be used as Bluetooth headsets, otherwise the price will not be as great..


Want to use a Bluetooth headset to make a hearing aid, you can achieve this: first you must have a Bluetooth headset that can listen to music; the second must have an Android mobile phone; the third is to download a karaokeOKSoftware is installed on the phone (I am using “mini karaoke”OK“software). Hardware and software are available, and debugging is available. First pair the Bluetooth headset with the phone, then turn on the Mini KaraOK“Software, choose one can not KaraOKThe song, the microphone in the software is turned on, the music is turned off, so the Bluetooth headset emits a realistic sound, and if you want to be loud, the media volume of the mobile phone is turned up, and the Bluetooth earphone hearing aid is made.

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