Buying a hearing aid can’t just look at the appearance

Hearing aids are classified into ear-back type, in-ear type, ear canal type and deep ear canal according to their shape. Several types of hearing aids have their own characteristics. It is very important for hearing-impaired people to choose the appropriate type of hearing aid according to their hearing and needs. Personal hearing is different, the needs are different, the matching hearing aids are different, can not be clouded, suitable for others is not necessarily suitable for themselves. The hearing loss person needs to go to the professional hearing aid matching center, and the fitter chooses the hearing device that is most suitable for him.


The data show that in patients with a natural hearing loss, the audiograms occupy a considerable proportion of bilateral declines, while some users only wear one side when they choose a hearing aid. They think that one side can hear and meet the needs of life. Because the process of hearing loss is slow and long-lasting, after a few years, when the hearing aid is not worn, only the sound can be heard, but the meaning is not understood. This phenomenon is called “late hearing deprivation”, and the phenomenon of hearing deprivation is Patients with moderate to severe hearing loss are the most common. The degree of hearing loss in hearing aids depends on the hearing loss of the hearing aid ear. When the information transmitted by the hearing aid is large enough that the brain ignores the hearing aid, the hearing deprivation is happened. From the perspective of audiology, except for patients with contraindications, hearing aids should be selected for the hearing impaired.

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