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Whether it is because of congenital reasons or some of the reasons for the day after tomorrow, the hearing loss patients with hearing loss need to wear hearing aids to better hear the outside world. Box-type hearing aids are a relatively common type of hearing aids, and many people now choose box-type hearing aids. In particular, if both ears have hearing loss, they need to wear hearing aids in both ears. So what are the benefits of binaural box hearing aids? Hearing has the following points for you to analyze:


First, improve positioning ability

The binaural box hearing aid can better improve the positioning ability of the sound source. The time difference is advantageous for low-frequency sound wave localization, and the intensity difference is advantageous for high-frequency sound wave localization. The brain uses tiny differences in the signals received by the ears to determine which direction the sound is coming from. If the information is accepted by one ear, there is no such positioning mechanism, and the function of judging the direction of the sound is lost. The advantages of bilateral hearing aid positioning capabilities are evident in moderate or severe hearing loss.

Second, to prevent cephalometric effects

In the case of a single ear, if the sound is transmitted from the direction of the other ear, the sound will be blocked by the head and then received by the hearing aid ear, the intensity will attenuate 10-16dB, and the binaural box hearing aid will not.

Third, better suppression of noise

The auditory system is a good noise reduction system. The binaural box-type hearing aid can greatly improve the signal-to-noise compared with the single-ear wear, thus improving the patient’s grasp of speech sound.

Fourth, to avoid delayed hearing deprivation

If a patient with hearing loss in both ears wears a hearing aid with only one ear, the ability to recognize speech on the side of the ear that is not wearing the hearing aid will gradually decrease over the next few years, which is delayed hearing deprivation. That is to say, “use and retreat”, because you are mainly listening to a single ear hearing aid.

Fifth, suppress tinnitus

It has been reported that 66% of tinnitus patients report that bilateral hearing aids can weaken tinnitus, and 13% of patients believe that one-sided hearing aids are effective.

Six, binaural integration effect

The binaural integration effect means that the two ears together show better hearing ability than one ear. This integration effect can improve the hearing threshold by at least 3dB. That is to say, the hearing aid volume does not have to be opened to achieve the same effect, and the adaptation range is expanded. The binaural box hearing aid produces better sound quality than a single ear, clearer, fuller, more spatial and overall.

Binaural boxHearing aidThe advantages over single-ear boxed hearing aids are still obvious. The binaural box hearing aid is just like the feeling that we usually listen to the song, which is more in line with people’s usage habits. And the binaural box hearing aid can also reduce noise and achieve better sound effects. But not everyone needs a binaural hearing aid. Everyone should wear it under the guidance of the fitter.

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