After the repair of the hearing aid does not need to be debugged

Generally, the digital hearing aids need to be debugged by computer software. It needs to be adjusted several times in the early stage of wearing. Like the dental braces, there is an adaptation period. But each person’s adaptation period is different. In the initial stage of adaptation, the number of debuggings will be more, of course, the fittings will also return regularly. After the end of the adaptation period, unless the user’s hearing changes greatly or the hearing aid fails, it does not need to be adjusted frequently. If you do not need to go to the adjustment often, it is good to clean and maintain the hearing aid for about three months, so that the hearing aid is good.

If the hearing aid only repairs some low-value accessories, such as battery compartment, battery compartment shrapnel, cymbal device, buttons, etc., it does not need to be re-commissioned. If there are three major replacements, such as microphones, receivers, and movements, it is recommended that the fitter re-import your previous usage data. Some machine repair orders on the factory will indicate that you need to re-fit.

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