8 new cases dropped in areas outside Hubei; Tibet’s only confirmed case was cured and discharged; new coronavirus vaccine is expected to be ready within 18 months. February 12, fighting the epidemic, and these good news ↓


National Health and Medical Commission: At 04:00 on February 11th, 377 new cases were confirmed outside Hubei nationwide, showing a downward trend for the 8th consecutive day.


Cleared first in the country! On the 12th, the only confirmed case in Tibet was cured and discharged.


As of 24:00 on February 11, there were no new cases in Qinghai for six consecutive days, and two patients were discharged on February 11.


On the morning of the 12th, three more patients with newly diagnosed new coronary pneumonia were cured and discharged, including a 19-month-old infant who was cured.


Zhong Nanshan: The inflection point of the epidemic is unpredictable, but the peak should appear in mid-late February. The turning point of the epidemic is determined by the prevention and control of the peak return.


Director-General of the World Health Organization: The new coronavirus vaccine is expected to be ready in 18 months, and every effort is still needed to prevent and control the virus.


The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance recently issued a notice, requiring schools in various places to provide timely financial assistance to students from families affected by the epidemic.


The Ministry of Education: “Closing classes without stopping school” must persist in putting the epidemic prevention and control work first, adhere to the unified provincial-level deployment and the implementation of local conditions and measures to avoid “one size fits all.”


Ministry of Commerce: Provide guarantees for life supplies in key cities.


Ministry of Transport: Coordination of more than 20,000 sets of protective clothing arrived in Hubei.


Civil Aviation Administration: As of February 9, 9 charter flights have been coordinated to take back 1,107 Chinese citizens stranded overseas.


China Railway Group: Implement a decentralized ticket sales strategy, prohibit the sale of seatless tickets, and appropriately control the passenger train load factor. The dining car no longer accepts passengers for dining and shopping.


Beijing: Pharmacies sell real-name drugs to treat fever and cough.


Sichuan: Provide a chance for children of frontline medical staff to choose a school (kindergarten) and participate in the college entrance examination service during the period from preschool education to high school education.


Yunnan: Starting from 12:00 on the 12th, all public places in the province have implemented a code entry and exit system.


Great prize! Zhengzhou: The highest award for the research and development of new crown pneumonia vaccine units.

Economic Daily Commentator:

Adhere to the scientific and orderly law as the fulcrum of prevention and control

As the peak of returning to work resumes in various places, the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic has reached the most critical and critical stage. The actual results depend on whether each region and department can understand, implement, and implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee in a timely, correct, and accurate manner. On February 10, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Beijing for front-line investigation and guidance of the epidemic prevention and control, and delivered an important speech, which provided a fundamental guide for the epidemic prevention and control work. We must implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech Detailed prevention and control measures. In specific work, scientific and orderly prevention and control according to law is vital. We must coordinate the relationship between epidemic prevention and control, people’s livelihood protection, and resumption of production in accordance with laws, regulations, and scientific rationality. We must step by step, work steadily, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic. Effectively maintain normal economic and social order.

Adhering to the scientific and orderly fulcrum of prevention and control is a prerequisite for ensuring that all measures are used on the ground, implemented, and effective. In the current situation of increasing epidemic prevention and control intensity, intensity and density, we must not consider “one-size-fits-all” behaviors such as simple and rude upgrade control measures that do not consider actual effectiveness and lack of overall awareness, which is not conducive to further control of the epidemic situation, and it is not helpful. The operation of normal economic and social order must be stopped. We must uphold the spirit of the rule of law and use scientific and efficient methods to ensure the orderly progress of epidemic prevention and control.

Acts are governed by the state, and laws are disordered by the decree. The more strenuous the epidemic prevention and control is, the more it is necessary to unswervingly prevent and control it in accordance with the law, and make overall progress on the track of the rule of law. It is necessary to strengthen law enforcement management, market supervision and other law enforcement work, severely investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal acts that drive up the prices of epidemic prevention supplies and people’s livelihood commodities, and ensure social stability and order; to do a good job of epidemic report and release in accordance with the law, in accordance with legal content, procedures, methods, Timely and accurate reporting of epidemic information within a time limit; to strengthen publicity and legal services for the prevention and control of the epidemic by law, organize grassroots to carry out general publicity for the prevention and control of the epidemic, guide the general public to increase awareness of the rule of law, support and cooperate with epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law; Services, strengthen the resolution of contradictions and disputes, and provide effective legal assistance to the needy.

Under the premise of guaranteeing the rule of law, scientific and orderly prevention and control measures need to be continuously strengthened and improved. Respect scientific laws, judge trends rationally, accelerate innovation in technology and methods, implement targeted management within a reasonable, appropriate, and effective range, and highlight classified personnel, key locations, and key areas to implement classified control; under the premise of proper protection measures, reduce as much as possible The inconvenience of epidemic prevention and control on the people’s production and life, and effectively improve the efficiency of prevention and control; promote batches of orderly peak shifts to return to work, co-ordinate the formulation of a classification and batch return to work plan, and classify and improve the rapid screening capabilities such as nucleic acid detection ; Make every effort to ensure the organization of transportation, railways, civil aviation, etc. must coordinate transportation capacity to do key group transportation, and effectively reduce the risk of epidemic spread; guide enterprises to seriously implement various epidemic prevention requirements, accelerate the coordinated operation of the entire industry chain, and coordinate the settlement of resumption of work in a timely manner Various difficulties in production should be resumed as soon as possible to provide adequate material protection for epidemic prevention and control. On the basis of protecting front-line medical personnel’s protective materials, we will strive to meet the protection needs of public service posts, and reduce the burden on enterprises from multiple angles, multiple methods and multiple means.

Governing the country depends on Guiyu, and Anbang relies on the yardstick. All regions and departments must adhere to scientific and orderly prevention and control in accordance with the law, think with one mind, seek wisdom with one mind, and work hard with one mind to provide strong support for the overall economic and social stability.

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