According to the latest data released today, with the exception of Hubei Province, the curve of newly-added cases in these days is a cliff-like decline. The number of newly confirmed cases today is 444, starting on February 3, 890, 731, 707, 696, 558, 509, 444, a sharp drop of 50% in just a few days. Not only has the number of newly diagnosed cases dropped sharply, but the number of cures has continued to rise, showing that this is the real dawn of dawn. In areas outside Hubei Province, the pneumonia epidemic has far exceeded the number of ordinary flu, and you can rest assured. It’s up!


The reason why areas outside Hubei Province can obtain such good control results is that all aspects are highly valued, and blocking and isolation measures are taken. As long as they are taken seriously and timely measures are taken, they can be controlled. Second, in other regions outside Hubei Province, because the number of people diagnosed with pneumonia is relatively small, medical resources are relatively abundant, and confirmed patients can be promptly taken care of and isolated. Therefore, the mortality rate is low, recovery is fast, and the transmission channels are also adequate Of blocking. It can be said that with the exception of Hubei Province, the pneumonia epidemic has basically come to a halt. This is a gratifying event. Hubei Province has become the final focus of the pneumonia epidemic, and even today, the horn of this counterattack has sounded.


And the spring of our foreign trade industry is coming. Thank you for paying attention to you in every corner of the world, thank you for your patience, we will certainly present ourselves better to repay you! Also bless people all over the world who love life to stay away from disasters, health and peace!

Link:The number of newly confirmed infection cases today

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