If you are wearing an umbrella on a rainy day, you can wear it normally. If it is heavy wind and heavy rain, it is recommended not to wear it. Hearing aids are electronic products. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof when you use them.

Don’t let the hearing aids rain when it rains. If necessary, you can go to the fitting center for thorough maintenance. If you don’t bring rain gear on a rainy day, it is best not to wear a hearing aid and remove the machine. At present, hearing aid manufacturers pay great attention to the waterproofing of hearing aids. There is no problem in a small amount of sweating or being drenched by water. However, for the sweat or the living environment, the working environment is relatively poor, the maintenance of the hearing aid should be done. For example, wipe it with a soft cloth every day after use, and regularly go to the hearing aid store for maintenance. If it gets wet or wet, dry the body first, then put the machine into the dry box in time. You can also get the decontamination and maintenance center to avoid abnormal sound and affect the effect.


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