Hearing will not inherit?What tests do I need to do?

In the basic birth examination of the fetus, there is no item that can detect hearing without problems. Does the special inspection have such a function? Specific consultation with obstetricians and gynecologists, there is no knowledge in my knowledge, to the obstetrician and gynaecologist is professional, subject to their answers.

The baby is born to be tested for hearing. This is the hard test of the state. Check your baby for hearing problems and have problems with timely treatment If there is a problem, now the medicine is developed, you can artificially implant related things. I don’t remember whether it is free for the state or a special charity. I have encountered a few such children. After the operation, it is the same as the normal child, so you should not have too much psychological burden.


早在2004In the year, China has prescribed that newborns need routine hearing screening. Hearing impairment is a common disease and is affected by many factors. Genetic factors play an important role.

The cariogenic genes that have been discovered so far have300Multiple, if parents have mutations in these genes, the risk to the next generation is high. Even if parents have normal hearing, they also have the probability of carrying a sputum gene.6%about.

Therefore, if conditions permit, parents can do screening for sputum genes before pregnancy, not to mention hearing problems. If you can screen early and find genetic mutations with high heritability, you can choose the third generation of IVF technology and screen out the next generation of embryos without genetic mutations.

Now that the wood has become a boat, it is recommended to do so.

1Because it is impossible to perform hearing screening on the fetus itself before birth, it is very difficult to detect the genetic test of cockroaches. Therefore, in the current situation, don’t entangle, check the birth, and give birth.

2Newborn hearing screening can be done at the first time after childbirth. If there is no hearing problem under the prescribed screening frequency, then rest assured. The gene for donating is not necessarily true, it may be just a carrier.

3Even if there is a problem with newborn hearing, it is early to find that early intervention and use of hearing aids may not affect the development of language ability.

4Parents can go to the deafness gene test, if not carried. Then your hearing problem may be caused by the day after tomorrow, is it not safe?

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