Why is Siemens now selling?

The story seems to start from the farther 2006 year (earlier stories need to be revisited later), when Siemens Hearing Aid was the world’s number one manufacturer of hearing aids, then the world’s second largest hearing group, the Swiss SONOVA Group Acquired Resound Corporation of Denmark, the world’s fourth largest hearing aid manufacturer, with an acquisition amount of approximately 33 billion Swiss francs and 224 billion renminbi. The result of the story was unexpected. The German court in Düsseldorf objected to this possible monopoly acquisition. This has successfully terminated this may be the largest merger in the history of the hearing aid industry, which will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the entire industry in the future.


This combined accidental abortion temporarily retained the status of Siemens in the world, but this advantage has not lasted for too long. The Swiss SONOVA Group and the Danish WDH Group have completely surpassed Siemens from 2009 through a series of operations and innovations. This advantage has been continuously expanded and maintained to this day.

In fact, as early as 2009, the Siemens Group has decided to sell the hearing aid business, which it hopes to sell at 20 billion euros. However, after in-depth evaluation, the buyer lowered the valuation of Siemens’ hearing business, and Siemens finally stopped trading. One of the important reasons for the low bid is because the Düsseldorf court incident in the past made it difficult for the original buyers in the industry to rush into the market and affect the bidding.

Siemens decided to adjust the internal structure of Siemens Hearing Group, improve the factors that affect its selling price, and insist on selling this asset at a better price. This is not only a question of money, but also a face of Siemens’s century-old operation. problem.

After several years of adjustment and investment, Siemens Listening has reorganized its business structure and increased its investment and renewal of new products, but the target of the sale has not changed. If there is no suitable buyer, Siemens will still go through independent listing. The means to withdraw from this field. It now appears that Siemens has successfully achieved its goals.

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