We divide deafness into four grades: mild hearing loss, moderate hearing loss, severe hearing loss and extremely severe hearing loss. These are judged by hearing test. After suffering from deafness, we all know to wear hearing aids. The same device of artificial cochlea can make us hear sounds. So for those with hearing loss, we should Which is better, hearing aid or cochlear implant?

Actually, if we want to compare the two, we need to have conditions to compare them. The definitions of hearing aids and cochlear implants are actually different.

First of all, the definition of hearing aid is to amplify the sound after receiving the external sound and make use of your residual hearing so that you can hear the sound. Theoretically, as long as the patient still has residual hearing, wearing hearing aid is effective. Then there is the cochlear implant. The cochlear implant is different from the hearing aid. The former said that the hearing aid depends on the residual hearing, while the cochlear implant has nothing to do with the residual hearing. The cochlear implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve to let the patient recover or reconstruct the auditory organ, so it skips the residual hearing.

Secondly, the effect, whether it’s the hearing aid or the cochlear implant, can’t be generalized to the patients with hearing loss. It needs to see the patients’ hearing loss. For hearing aids, patients with moderate hearing loss have the best effect, and patients with moderate or lower hearing loss do not need to use cochlear implant, nor do patients with single ear severe hearing loss. However, if the patients with severe or very severe hearing loss wear hearing aids, the effect will not be ideal. Here, we will choose to let them use cochlear implant, especially very severe hearing loss Of the patients, some of them have almost no residual hearing in extremely severe and medium severe cases. After wearing hearing aids, they can only feel the vibration of sound but can’t hear clearly.

In terms of price, in fact, the reason why many patients with severe hearing loss do not choose cochlear implant is that the price of cheap cochlear implant is more than 10W. This price is a great burden for an ordinary family, and the hearing aid is much cheaper, basically thousands of, 1W can buy a very ideal hearing aid, compared with whether it is much better Now.

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