Which foods can prevent tinnitus

“Tinnitus is both a diagnosis and a symptom. Although the cause of tinnitus is unknown, vascular disease, endocrine disease, cervical disease and neurological and mental diseases can cause tinnitus.” In addition to physical and psychological reasons, long-term life In the noisy environment, tinnitus may also be caused. It is best to wear earmuffs and earplugs. In addition, listening to music while wearing headphones for a long time can also cause tinnitus. Some drugs can aggravate the symptoms of tinnitus. When a tinnitus patient seeks medical treatment, he should promptly tell the doctor that he has tinnitus.


After the symptoms of deafness and tinnitus, first of all, psychologically do not have too much pressure, the key to early detection and early treatment, the best treatment time is half a month to one month after the onset of illness.

“Patients first choose a regular hospital for a systematic examination. For example, Canada’s listening to Nit is one of the best treatments for tinnitus patients. It can both characterize the symptoms of tinnitus and perform targeted treatment.” In addition, there are also audio resonance, acupoint acupuncture, and Hanfu fumigation, which can alleviate or cure deafness and tinnitus.

  Patients with deafness and tinnitus should pay more attention to their diet. Foods that are prone to excitement such as alcohol, coffee, tea, and chocolate can stimulate the central nervous system and cause tinnitus. “Especially, the central nervous system of alcohol to humans is large, prevention. Or when eating tinnitus, you should avoid eating these things.”

“We must maintain healthy living habits, eat healthy food, and eat less irritating food.” Preventing tinnitus can also eat more blood, improve blood circulation, such as black fungus, leek and so on.

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