Whether the hearing aid is the bigger the power, the better.

Some patients and friends worry that the hearing will continue to decline after the hearing aid is bought. The original power is not enough. It is better to buy the maximum power now. And the price of high power is generally more expensive than the hearing aid of ordinary power, and often merchants are willing to sell like this.


In fact, it is unscientific to buy a hearing aid in this way, and the hearing aid should be the best for our current hearing. If the hearing aids are tested, it will not cause the hearing to continue to decline. Even if other diseases are sure to cause hearing loss, a certain amount of power space can be reserved, but the greater the power, the better. Specifically, the bad places are:

1The greater the power, the wider the bandwidth of the hearing aid, and the compensation of the high frequency is sometimes not as good as the machine with low power. The effect of the hearing aid is greatly reduced;

2The large power hearing aids tend to have harmonic distortion and noise floor, which is not conducive to improving the language resolution;

3The machine with high power is more expensive than other machines in the same series, and it is not worth the loss;

4The high-power hearing aid consumes a lot of power. After years, the hearing aid battery is not a decimal.

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