Whether the functions of the hearing aid are as many as possible?

Of course, the more the hearing aids function, the more problems, and needs are solved, but it also needs to be combined with personal economic conditions and demand choices. The higher the hearing aid price, the more functions, such as the function of calling, connecting TV, mobile phone, etc., if daily life environment More complex, you need high-grade, multi-functional hearing aids, but some old people usually do not go out, but to solve the communication with people, you do not need too many functions, so you can not use it, I suggest you follow the advice of the fitter.

In theory, the more the hearing aids function, the greater the comfort and clarity, whether in a quiet or complex environment. And some of them, such as frequency shifting function, binaural mutual transmission function, automatic microphone function are only available on high-end hearing aids. Simply put, the most common hearing aids can only be used in quiet environments, and the best hearing aids can handle a variety of complex sound environments. Improve the comfort of wearing, the specific choice of hearing aids should be based on their own needs, not necessarily many functions, the most suitable is the best.

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