Where is the hearing aid better?

Every place generally has a regular hearing aid fitting point (center). In such a place, the fitting is better. They can check the hearing loss and propose a suitable hearing aid. Hospitals can generally detect hearing loss, but are not responsible for the special fitting of hearing aids.


In fact, hearing aids are not good or bad. The difference between hearing aids is mainly due to differences in functionality. Each person’s hearing loss is different and the location is different. Some occur in the outer ear and middle ear, which are conductive deafness, and some occur in the inner ear cochlear discriminating rate. Although the hearing aid can be heard later, because the central nervous system has problems, it is often inaudible to understand, so you need to go to the local professional. The hearing aid fitting center to test the hearing loss situation and type, according to their own situation, choose the suitable part of their own, belonging to the sensorineural deafness, and some of the auditory nerves behind the cochlea, which is often accompanied by speech distractors. The hearing aid is a seven-point machine with a seven-point fitting. A hearing aid without a professional fitting can not help your hearing loss.

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