When is the baby suitable for hearing aids?

The baby is the fastest brain development before the age of three, and is also a critical period for learning the language. If the baby has hearing impairment during this critical period, it will affect the baby’s normal development of hearing and language, and will also affect the baby’s intelligence, behavior and psychology.


When is the baby suitable for hearing aids?

The baby can’t speak when he is born, he can’t tell the adults that he can’t hear the sound, so many parents don’t find out that their child has hearing impairment in time, and newborn hearing screening is the only one that can detect the hearing abnormality of newborns or infants at the earliest. an examination.

If you do not have a hearing screening, your baby’s hearing may be missed, which may cause more damage. . Wait until the child has2,3When I was old, I found out that the children did not respond to the sounds around them. The level of speech was worse than that of their peers, and they rushed to the hospital for treatment. But this time often missed the best time for children to learn the language. Therefore, neonatal hearing screening is very necessary for early detection of neonatal or pediatric hearing impairment.

How should I intervene in hearing loss symptoms from an early stage?

When is the baby suitable for hearing aids?

It includes three early mornings: early detection and diagnosis, early detection of hearing aids or implantation of cochlear implants, and early auditory speech training.

The baby diagnosed with hearing loss, the earlier the intervention, the better the effect. The first step in human language learning is to perceive the perceived sound, and then to distinguish the imitation sound and gradually form the speech. Only when you hear the sound can you learn the language. Before the age of three, it is a crucial period for language development during human growth. Even if the baby has mild hearing loss, it can lead to speech disorders and even mental retardation. For children with hearing impairment, the ear can intervene as early as possible, and the auditory organs can feel the sound, satisfy the prerequisites of language learning, and the speech and cognitive functions can be normally developed.

Regardless of the degree of hearing loss of the baby, as long as the intelligence develops normally,6Interventions and rehabilitation training months ago can be rapidly developed in terms of hearing and language. Most babies can reach the level of normal children of the same age through early intervention, hearing and communication, and participation in social activities. Even babies with extremely severe hearing loss can make great progress in the development of language proficiency by early detection and careful intervention and rehabilitation training.

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