Under what circumstances need to wearHearing aid?

Hearing aidAs a medical device, the fitting process is much more complicated than the process of matching glasses, and requires more professional. Generally speaking, when a person’s hearing loss is reached30-40Decibels, when you have been unable to recover for a while, you should consider a hearing aid. Instead of traditional thinking, you can use a hearing aid if you think that all hearing loss is lost.

The degree of hearing loss is40-60Decibels wear the best hearing aids, and the degree of hearing loss is60-90The decibel effect is better, and the degree of hearing loss is90-110Decibel effect is not good, the degree of hearing loss is110Decibels or more are invalid. If you have any of the following conditions, you may have a hearing loss at the professional fitting center.


1.There will be a series of secondary sequelae including speech.Changes in language and physiology.

2.In the ear with hearing loss, there is no sound stimulation for a long time, the function will gradually degrade, and the brain reaction will be slow.

3.The ability to understand speech is further reduced, and it is difficult to communicate with others.

4.Inaudible will lead to the phenomenon of “big tongue” in the speech.

5.Gradually losing a positive attitude towards life, showing no confidence, inferiority and so on.

6.Severe people will have bad psychological factors, causing the burden on the family and themselves.

7.Without the aid of hearing aids, some important tips sound that you can’t hear can have some necessary consequences.

Choose the right time to wearHearing aidAvoid hearing loss and cause trouble to you.

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