The problem of hearing aid squealing has always existed. Many people are disgusted with the problem of hearing aid squealing. At the same time, this also leads to the decline of the user experience of hearing aid. In fact, as long as we treat the problem of hearing aid screaming rationally and find out the reasons, it is quite a simple thing to solve.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of situations in which the hearing aids will scream, one is external scream, the other is internal scream.

In fact, most of the squealing of hearing aids is caused by external squealing, and the causes are relatively complex. Before we make a customized machine, we need to take ear samples first. The patient’s hearing loss is about serious, and the higher the requirements for ear samples are. If the ear like part of the ear canal is too short, it will cause the patient to loosen when wearing the hearing aid, and then generate a scream.

Secondly, improper operation of our patients in the use process will also cause squealing. Many patients think that the sound of the hearing aid is too light, so the volume will be increased or even raised to full scale, which will lead to squealing of the hearing aid. Generally speaking, it is better to turn the volume of the hearing aid to about two-thirds.

In fact, the internal screaming is basically caused by the damage of the internal parts of the hearing aid. In some cases, when our patients take off the hearing aid, they do not hold it firmly or are collided by others, which leads to the falling of the hearing aid, resulting in the damage of the internal parts of the hearing aid or the displacement of the internal parts, resulting in the screaming. If only the displacement of the parts leads to the screaming, only heavy noise is needed It is OK to adjust the position of the parts newly, but if the parts are damaged, they need to be taken back to the manufacturer for maintenance. If the internal space of the hearing aid is too small, the squealing will occur when the parts are squeezed together.

Then if the shell is broken when it is dropped, it will also generate squeal. It is because there is no close contact with the ear canal, which leads to the squeal of leakage sound. If the fall is more serious, it is likely to directly lead to the inability to wear, this phenomenon will also happen.

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