We often encounter such a kind of patients when we are carrying out matching work on weekdays. When they have hearing problems, they are forced to be checked by their families. After a series of tests, they will say the following sentence: “I think my hearing is OK, just speak louder, and then match it.”

Do you meet such people in your daily life? And so on. Every time I ask them to match the hearing aids when they talk about listening problems, they will say and so on. But do you know, this is the one that will gradually destroy your residual hearing step by step, leading to your hearing getting worse and worse.

Like the patients I mentioned above, people can hear when they speak louder. They are actually mild hearing loss patients, but if they don’t intervene with mild hearing loss, the hearing loss will become more and more serious, and the speech recognition ability will be reduced, so as to increase the hearing loss.

Although our hearing is always in a state of decline, it is the same after suffering from hearing loss. The longer the time, the more serious the hearing loss will be. Although the hearing situation will decline, the more impact is on speech recognition. If your speech recognition is low, you will not be able to hear what others say.

At the same time, it has a great relationship with the effect of wearing hearing aids. The worse the speech recognition ability is, the worse the effect of wearing hearing aids will be. This can’t be recovered by relying on drugs. It can only be recovered by wearing hearing aids for a long time. At the same time, it needs more training in weekdays.

So when we have the symptoms of hearing loss, we need to wear hearing aids in time to avoid this phenomenon. It is very important to wear hearing aids as soon as possible, and don’t wait any longer.

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Link:What you're saying is that waiting is the main reason for destroying residual hearing

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