What work affects hearing?

Let us see which occupations are “high risk” occupations that are prone to hearing loss.?Friends who are already “at risk” need to be self-protected.



Multiple hair dryers in the barber shop are used at the same time, and the noise can often reach85Decibel, if exposed to this noisy environment8In hours, progressive hearing impairment is likely to occur.


The noise and wind noise generated by motor vehicles can cause hearing damage, and as the driving age increases, the degree of hearing damage will gradually increase. The influence of wind noise is often obvious for the driver, and the hearing loss of the left ear is obvious, and it is also different due to different driving positions in different countries.


Beautiful, clean and well-groomed parks are often pleasing to the eye, and the hard work of the hard gardeners is indispensable. But when gardeners use a hand-held mower to clean the lawn, they can produce up to107Decibel noise.

4,musicDJSinger, composer

Most bartenders, doormen,DJWaiting for nightclub staff to be deafening for a long time, the noise level is usually higher than115Working in a decibel environment can easily lead to hearing impairment. Singers and composers need to be associated with music for a long time because of the nature of the concert or work, and it is easy to accumulate damage!

5,construction worker

Construction sites, with a variety of noises, especially when operating heavy machinery, such as when hit with a hammer, it will produce up to130Decibel noise, so we often see the reminder sign during construction: “Work on site, fast pass.” At the same time, the danger of construction work also reminds passers-by to avoid contact with noise for a long time and damage hearing.


Miners have a higher level of noise when working with power tools or machinery. When the ore is mined, the noise level is also very high. Reachable135decibel.


Tools commonly used in woodworking, such as chainsaws, are usually huge “noise sources” and their mechanical noise is high.120Decibel is a very serious noise level.

8Airport ground handling

Airport ground crews endure daily takeoffs and landings up to140The noise of the decibel is quite scary.

Noise is one of the seven typical public hazards of environmental pollution. Human beings are exposed to noise in daily life environment or in production labor, which will have adverse effects on human health. The degree of noise hazard depends on the intensity of the noise and the exposure time in a noisy environment. The initial impact and damage to the hearing may be slight and recoverable, so that we are not aware of it and can only be discovered through professional examination. Staff members like these jobs must pay attention to the noise damage in daily life! !

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