Don’t rush for success

When using hearing aids, we should pay attention to two points: first, the feeling of wearing hearing aids is completely different from that of not wearing them before. Second, it will take some time to adapt to wearing hearing aids, just like wearing glasses with different focal lengths. It may be difficult at first, but it’s only a matter of time It’s important to have the right expectations for hearing aids and learn how to use them best in difficult environments. This learning process requires initiative and patience. It will be of great help to the long-term use of hearing aids in the future.

When wearing the hearing aid for the first time, it should not be used for too much time every day, and it should be used in a familiar and quiet environment. It needs to take some time to adapt to the sounds such as the sound of running water, which have not been heard for a long time.

It is easy to lead to hearing fatigue if you stay in the new audition environment too long. The resulting discomfort and disappointment make the learning process less rapid. After a few weeks of wearing, this kind of fatigue or tension will gradually come true. At this time, you can try to wear hearing aids in more and more complex environments, such as at work or in some social occasions.

Learn listening skills again

When wearing hearing aids for the first time, you will hear many sounds that have never been heard before. The brain must learn how to understand these sounds again, especially listening to complex human languages.

If you can’t understand other people’s words immediately, or even can’t hear some lighter conversations occasionally, please don’t worry, because you need to adapt to the new sound feeling brought by hearing aids.

Pay attention to the combination of visual cues when talking with others, and observe the facial expression or posture of the speaker to help understand his conversation. When you wear a hearing aid for the first time, you will feel your voice is strange. Practice listening and speaking with friends who are familiar with your voice and requirements.

Adapt to different sound environment

Once you get used to the familiar environment, you should try more listening environment. You can try to listen to some special sounds, concentrate on them, and increase your understanding with the help of visual cues such as body language and facial expressions.

When talking to others, try to face each other. Other family members should be aware that speaking loudly can make hearing aid users uncomfortable. We should talk at a moderate volume, and try to eliminate interference factors such as blocking the mouth with hands, chewing or talking while watching TV.

In some public places, such as meetings, try to be close to the speaker so that you can see the expression of the other person. Because some public places have different sound effects in different positions, the best listening point should be found.

Watch TV, listen to the radio and use the telephone

The environment and format (am or FM) of listening to the radio often determine whether the ideal listening effect can be achieved. For example, listening to FM in a quiet home environment is much better than listening to am in a car.

It is not easy to watch TV or listen to music with a hearing aid. It is mainly related to the fidelity and reverberation effect of the sound. First sit at 8-10 feet from the TV screen and listen to the volume normally used, then adjust the audio-visual distance or volume to find the best listening area.

The effective use of hearing aids to listen to the phone depends on the line used by the hearing aids. If you wear only one hearing aid, you can listen to the phone with the other ear.

If you are equipped with a dual ear hearing aid, or you are used to listening to the phone on the side of the hearing aid, you can directly listen to it and ITC users as you normally use them; and if you are equipped with other types of hearing aids, you’d better listen close to the ear, but don’t cover the ear crossing. If there is a scream, leaning the receiver slightly may help eliminate the scream, and multiple practices will find the best position.

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