Hearing loss patients with < a href = "http://www.sqhearing.com/tlkp/11.html" target = "blank" > hearing aid fitting < / a > often have such and such concerns, mainly because of the nonstandard market of hearing aids. Hearing aids can be bought in many places on the market, but there are not many places with real debugging ability, and the matching engineers and matching environment are also uneven.

Because they don’t know about hearing aids, many people will think ahead of time and have a variety of concerns when purchasing them, but in fact it’s not that difficult.

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Hearing aids are not simple, but they are not difficult

In the minds of many people who don’t know about hearing aids, hearing aids still stay in the era of “box machines” many years ago. Because of the lack of knowledge of audiology, some people also buy “cheap goods” from the Internet. Most of these hearing aids are “simulators”, which can’t really be called the hearing aids we often talk about now in theory. Of course, these devices without professional matching often give people a bad experience, so that some people also have a sense of resistance to the real hearing aids.

With the development of the times, hearing aid technology has entered the intelligent period. It can not only conduct personalized debugging for hearing loss, but now the appearance of hearing aid is much smaller than that in the early days. The emergence of wireless functions also makes users more convenient to live.

If the matching of hearing aids is the business of the match maker and the audiologist, then the selection of hearing aids is the business that users should make their own ideas, which is not so difficult. We may not be able to understand so much audiology knowledge in a short period of time (in fact, it is not necessary in general). The mutual trust between audiologists and users will also improve the user’s confidence in the device. The stronger the confidence, the better the experience.

So what should we consider in advance?

1. Hearing loss

We often want more invisible hearing aids, but not all hearing aids are suitable for your hearing loss. So, this is the premise we need to consider before we buy hearing aids. Some people may be disappointed by this, so many cool hearing aids we see on the Internet may not be suitable for our own listening.

2. Ear physiology

If the hearing condition is suitable, but the ear canal is very small, it is impossible to wear a deep ear canal hearing aid (CIC). Therefore, even if the hearing condition is suitable, it is necessary to make a choice according to the examination results of the audiologist or the hearing aid fitter. Forced fitting of a hearing aid that is not suitable for your own ear physiological condition may cause discomfort.

3. Living needs

Everyone has their own life needs. Some people need to wear hearing aids to study, some need to wear hearing aids to work, some need to wear hearing aids to communicate with their families. Different levels of listening needs correspond to different levels of hearing aids. It’s the best to choose hearing aids that best meet our life needs, and the cost performance will be more in line with their expectations.

4. Functional flexibility

For users of different ages, our requirements for functional ease of use and flexibility are also different. For example, children and the elderly need simple operation, while young people have stronger learning ability, so they can choose to operate more complex hearing aids according to different needs. Deep ear canal type and ear canal type hearing aids are easy to wear in the ear, but the hand should be very stable, so for the elderly or young children, if they operate independently, it depends on the actual situation.

5. Style preference, matching qualification and after sales

When we have considered so much, we can finally choose the style we like. Although there are limited styles to choose from, there are still many things to choose from, such as colors, shapes of hearing aids of the same level, etc. there will be multiple brands of hearing aids to choose from in larger listening centers, and you can compare them. At the same time, the qualification and after-sales service of the fitting center are also important links we should consider. If we choose professional and high-quality fitting institutions, we will be half successful.

6. Budget

When we have considered everything, the last reality is in front of us. Many people say that hearing aids are very expensive, often costing thousands of yuan and tens of thousands of yuan. In fact, it also includes the service fees of the audiologist or hearing aid tester. It takes at least five years to train a professional audiologist, and at least 10 years for a senior audiologist. Therefore, the most important thing for hearing aid tester is to choose a professional audiologist or hearing aid tester from another one From a perspective, why don’t you choose a good listener or hearing aid tester for the same amount of money. The purchase of hearing aids can be seen as an investment in future health. Think about the benefits that hearing health can bring to you. In this way, balance the advantages and disadvantages to know the budget you need to prepare.

People who test hearing aids hope to improve their hearing, but we can put the effect first. As long as you listen well, everything else is secondary.

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