What should I pay attention to when doing a hearing test? How to do a hearing test

The hearing test equipment can test the contents of pure tone test, speech test, sound field test, and hearing aid simulation. In order to have an accurate test result, we invite you to participate in this work.


First, pure tone test

1Pure tone test purpose: Accurately check the smallest sound you can hear. Therefore, after the subject is asked to hear the sound, the voice must be answered regardless of the size of the sound. You can guess when you feel unsure.

2The test usually begins with the ear that has a better hearing. If you are not sure which ear is better, start testing from the right ear. Therefore, the subject is asked to take the initiative to tell the audiologist which ear has better hearing.

3After entering the listening room, sit down as required and put on the headphones. The earphone is red on the right ear and the blue ear is on the left ear.(International uniform regulations). There should be no obstruction between the earphones and the ears.(Remove the glasses, hearing aids, earrings, etc., and put the hair behind your ear.). Hold the answering switch with your thumb lightly attached to the button.

4Focus on the ear to be tested. When you hear the sound of “drop, drip, drop” or “beep, beep, beep”, press the answer button for two seconds, then release. If you are not used to the button method, you can also use the hand expression method, please agree with the audiologist before the test begins.

Second, the comfort level(MCL)test

1Comfort level test purpose:Accurately verify the sharpest and most sized sound you can hear. Because this sound will be the basic sound of the hearing aid designed for you, the subject is required to work closely with the audiologist to carefully compare the size and clarity of the various sounds you hear.

2Seriously talk to the testers and compare the effects of the sounds and characteristics heard by your ears or the original hearing aids repeatedly to see if you can hear them as the first criterion. Because you may be used to the sound characteristics you heard, but the sound you hear is not necessarily the clearest. The size of the sound is also very important, you should use the size of the sound you hear when you talk naturally. The audiologist will talk to you in a quiet conversation with two people, while observing the meter instructions to ensure that the volume is balanced.

3Before each tone change, the listener should clearly indicate the subject, and then change the tone.

Third, speech recognition ability test

1The purpose of the speech discrimination test is to check the subject’s ability to listen to the speech and to test whether the hearing-impaired client is a loss of pure hearing or a loss of verbal recognition rate. Under normal circumstances, the hearing-impaired customer number has a loss of verbal recognition ability to varying degrees. Due to the long-term hearing loss, the customer with poor speech recognition ability, after wearing the hearing aid, can have different degrees of training after a period of training. Recovery. The speech recognition ability disorder caused by the central system lesions cannot be solved simply by wearing a hearing aid.

2This test is conducted by the subject repeating the various words broadcast by the tester. It is required that the sound of the sounds of the testers should be consistent, and the subjects should try not to read the oral retelling.

Fourth, uncomfortable(UCL)test.

1Uncomfortable test purpose: Measure the maximum volume level that makes you feel uncomfortable.

2There are usually two test methods.:One is to use the pure tone test method, when testing250HzStart to4000HzSo, increase the volume one by one until you feel uncomfortable, make a mark on the audiogram, and finally connect these points into a line, which is your uncomfortable level.;The second is to use the language test method, gradually increase the volume during the test, until you feel the volume is too loud for your uncomfortable, read your discomfort data directly on the dial.

3You can use words to express during the test, or you can use the hand to express the maximum volume that you feel uncomfortable.

4When the tester gives a large volume, the duration is short.

Five, masking test

1, masking test purposes: 1 to make the subject bone conduction test results accurate;2 make the hearing difference between the two ears4OdBThe above subjects have accurate air conduction test results.

2Test method: In the headphones of the ear that is not tested, add the standard “white noise” generated by the machine. This noise should be added enough to make the pure tone signal from the headphones on the test side pass through the skull. Or air conduction cannot be heard by the other ear, and then tested according to the pure tone test method.

3At this time, the subject is mainly paying attention to where the signal he heard came from, preventing test errors. Now we can test the hearing.

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