Hearing aid is the only high-tech electronic product in modern society, which must be worn at any time in daily activities, is very precise, works in all kinds of adverse weather conditions and living environment at any time, and is easy to fall when it is taken and worn. For various reasons, it is doomed that hearing aid needs good maintenance to obtain the best use effect.

Modern hearing aids are more durable and easy to operate. Pay attention to the following small details to make the hearing aids more durable.

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1. Avoid contaminating the hearing aid. Before operating the hearing aid, please keep your fingers clean and dry. The microphone interface is only tens of millimeters wide, which is easy to block.

2. Avoid striking and collision of sharp objects and keep away from the contact range of children and pets. Sit on a soft surface, such as a bed or sofa, and wear or remove the hearing aid; the hearing aid itself is small and expensive. If a child feels novel and swallows it by mistake, he will lose more than he gains. If the battery of the hearing aid is swallowed, it is very dangerous. If the battery is swallowed accidentally, please see a doctor immediately.

3. Keep hearing aids away from heat. Never put the hearing aid in a place that may overheat, avoid direct sunlight, and never put it around the heating.

4. Avoid moisture, cosmetics or hair gel contact. Take off the hearing aid before showering, bathing or swimming. Do not put the hearing aid in the bathroom, which may be damaged by water vapor. The small particles produced by cosmetics and hairspray are easy to block the entrance of the microphone. Please take off the hearing aid before using the relevant products. Often dry the sweat in and around the ear with a cotton stick. Moisture and condensation will damage the circuit in the hearing aid. It is recommended that you open the battery compartment at night and use special tools available from your hearing care professional.

5. Keep the ears clean and clean the hearing aids carefully. If the sound of the hearing aid weakens, it may be because the sound outlet or the earwax filter is blocked by earwax or dirt. Use a dry soft cloth to clean the hearing aid.

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