What kind of work is suitable for people with poor hearing?

It is recommended to choose a suitable hearing aid. Basically, like normal hearing people, most of the work is competent and can be comprehensively selected according to personal interests.

Because of the nature of the work, there are more hearing impaired people. You can talk a little. From the nature of their work, do graphic design, university teachers, real estate sales, networkITIndustry, etc., in fact, it can be seen that the employment aspect is still quite wide. Of course, this refers to a group of people whose hearing loss is not too heavy. With the help of hearing aids, they can do a lot of work. It can be seen that the ear is not a problem, professional skills, enough social skills and emotional intelligence, will not be an excuse for not being able to work. Therefore, in addition to solving hearing problems, such as the choice of hearing aids or implanted cochlear implants, the other is to strengthen the professional learning of knowledge and skills, to prepare for the future. Opportunities are always prepared for those who are prepared.


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