Many old people will have different degrees of hearing loss when they reach a certain age. At this time, they need to wear hearing aids to protect their residual hearing. Therefore, they must take the old people to the regular hearing aid fitting center to test their hearing, understand the nature and degree of hearing loss, and make clear what kind of hearing aids they need to choose in this situation.

If it is determined that hearing aids need to be selected, it is recommended to wear hearing aids as early as possible when the economy allows, which is not only related to the quality of life of the elderly, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

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So what kind of hearing aid is good for the elderly? How to choose a good hearing aid?

First of all, to select hearing aids, you need to go to the regular hearing aid fitting center to select hearing aids for the elderly. The so-called formal need store is to have business license, tax registration certificate and sales of class II medical devices for filing. In addition to the store, there is also a need for a professional examiner who can select and match hearing aids. At present, there is a hearing aid examiner qualification test.

Secondly, there are many functions, shapes and prices of hearing aids. Generally, what functions are needed are related to the daily life of the elderly. For example, if the elderly are retired but have a lot of recreational activities – Senior College, dance team, chorus, etc., which need to communicate with people in noisy environment or with multiple people, they need hearing aids with relatively good function for dealing with noise environment. If you’re just at home with your partner and you don’t go outside, you can choose a hearing aid with simple functions. Generally, the more the hearing aid functions, the higher the corresponding price.

Third, we must take the elderly to choose hearing aids in person, not to buy them on the Internet. Only after the comprehensive understanding and assessment of the hearing and living conditions of the elderly can the elderly be equipped with a hearing aid suitable for him, so that the elderly can wear the hearing aid comfortably and listen clearly.

Now there are many kinds of hearing aids in the market. It’s not that the higher the price, the better, but the best for the elderly. Half of the effectiveness of hearing aids comes from products and half comes from matching, so it is very important to choose regular stores for matching.

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