What kind of hearing aid is a good hearing aid

Many users or family members who first come into contact with hearing aids always ask a question: What kind of hearing aid is a good hearing aid? Yes, there are many brands of hearing aids on the market, the models are rich, and the prices are also very different. What kind of hearing aids should be bought in the end? Is the more expensive hearing aids better? As a user of hearing aids, your ears and your own feelings are the most important. The rich models and cool features must serve the users. Therefore, when selecting a hearing aid, we should consider it from the perspective of the user. Again, the auditory sense is for everyone to simply sort out the purchase rules of the hearing aid for your reference. +


1The more powerful, the higher the price

First of all, we should balance the use of hearing aids in the environment.

1. For example, some users do not like to go out at ordinary times. They usually communicate with people in some environments where the home or residential community is less noisy, or the working environment itself is relatively quiet, so just choose a popular hearing aid. Because there is no contact with noise, there is no need to choose a hearing aid with noise reduction function, otherwise it is a functional waste.

2. Some users have more hobbies, like outdoor activities such as going out to play or working in a lot of noise, and can use hearing aids with automatic recognition of noise and noise reduction function while focusing and improving speech function in noisy environment, which is beneficial to these users in noisy environment. Reduce noise interference and help identify speech.

3. Some users, especially some business people, have a variety of communication environments, such as offices, roads, cars, conference rooms, airports, factories, etc., and the quality of communication in this changing environment. The requirements are very high, so they must use hearing aids with automatic recognition of multiple environments and strong noise reduction, so that they can cope with the changing environment. This type is a high-end hearing aid with a frequency amplification range from80Hz12000HzIt is completely beyond the scope of our speech frequency, so the sound quality is more full and clear, and with Bluetooth technology, it is convenient to connect with mobile phones and other devices, making business more convenient.

2The higher the power of the same series, the higher the price

Knowing the actual hearing loss of a hearing patient through a hearing test at a professional hearing aid fitting center is a critical step in selecting a power suitable for a hearing patient. Such as hearing loss4065Decibel hearing patients are suitable for the selection of medium power hearing aids.6580Decibel hearing patients choose medium and high power hearing aids.8095Decibel hearing patients use high-power hearing aids.100Ultra-high power hearing aids are used above decibels. Therefore, after analyzing the user’s use environment, then basically determine the approximate purchase range and a certain series of products, and determine the hearing aid suitable for their own power.

3.The smaller the appearance, the higher the price

The hearing aids in the same series have the appearance of a behind-the-ear, ear canal and deep ear canal. The smaller the appearance, the more the price will cost. If the user is old and the hands and feet are inconvenient, then it is recommended that you choose a back-type hearing aid, because it is convenient for you to wear, and the price is also affordable; of course, if you are concerned about the appearance, do not want When someone sees you with a hearing aid, you can choose a deep ear canal hearing aid, but the price is slightly higher than the ear back machine.

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