What is the use of the hearing aid’s tinnitus manager?

We can find such a noun in the function introduction of many hearing aids: the tinnitus manager. And we can see that the tinnitus manager is not free to use, it needs to be used under the guidance of a professional (ie, a hearing aid fitter).

So, what exactly is the tinnitus manager, and what does it do for the treatment of tinnitus? Here’s the hearing and you have a good understanding of this feature – tinnitus management.


Only a professional hearing aid fitter can be competent to use the tinnitus management function. Hearing aid fitters can use this function to perform tinnitus masking to help people relieve the discomfort caused by tinnitus and live a better life.

Here, we need to emphasize a few points:

1Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom. At present, tinnitus is no specific medicine for treatment.

2The role of the tinnitus management function is to alleviate the discomfort caused by tinnitus, but does not really cure the tinnitus.

3For tinnitus, it still needs to be processed at the source. For example, good habits, good attitude, reduce life stress, stay away from noise, exercise, use hearing aids, etc.

4Don’t be overly alarmed by tinnitus. No matter whether it is young or old, there are not a few symptoms of tinnitus. If it is not serious, it will not have much impact on life.

5There are many reasons for tinnitus, and the mechanism is not clear.

Tinnitus is not terrible, relax your mind, live a good life, and it will have a good relief. If you have tinnitus, your hearing is not very good. If you want to choose a hearing aid, it is best to consider a hearing aid with tinnitus management function, which can relieve the bad feeling caused by tinnitus.

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