Hearing aidRECDWhat is it?

Hearing aidRECDIt can detect the size of the same sound actually heard in different ears, and it is very helpful for the debugging and evaluation of hearing aids. Especially the actual amplification characteristics of children are very different from these data.RECDReal ear analysis must be performed to adjust the hearing aid based on the measured gain value for optimal hearing aid fitting. I hope that my reply is helpful.

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It is a real ear analysis test. In order to provide a more accurate fitting, understand the ear canal condition of each ear of the patient’s ear, because each of our ear canal is not the same size, so the ear moral resonance peak is also different, the real ear analysis can be Detect the amount of sound actually amplified in the ear canal, so that the hearing aid is better and more comfortable to wear..

Link:What is the RECD for hearing aids?

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