What is the history of hearing aids?

The development of hearing aids: sound collectors, carbon (20Century); electron tube (UK1921), carry (UK1938);semiconductor(1964), programmable (20century80Years), all figures (1996).


The earliest people put their hands behind their ears and found that they can improve their voices.19At the beginning of the century, various shapes of ear horns and horns appeared, and some people later invented some sound collectors.20At the beginning of the century, carbon crystal hearing aids and tube hearing aids appeared. Analog circuit hearing aids appeared after World War II That is, semiconductor hearing aids and integrated circuit hearing aids.80Programmable hearing aids appeared in the middle and late years.90Digital circuit hearing aids were born in the mid-1980s. With the advancement of digital technology, the function and scope of use of hearing aids and the comfort of use are getting better and better. This is the development of hearing aids.

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