What is the baby hearing test?

One of the newborns must do an examination, hearing screening. The room is kept quiet. The doctor uses the tester to check the ears on both sides. It may last longer and longer. As a new mother, it must be very nervous. Why haven’t you checked it yet? Is there any problem with it?

In general, there is a high probability that there are uncleaned amniotic fluid in the ear canal of the newborn, which hinders the normal results of the test, so the doctor needs to test repeatedly and use a cotton swab to clean the ear canal. Mothers don’t have to be too nervous, as long as the results are good, don’t get too entangled in the length and shortness of the process.

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After 9 months, the baby will receive hearing screening again. In a closed room, the mother took the baby to sit, the doctor held the instrument and tested it on both sides of the ear. The instrument will have low-frequency sound, and the baby will go through the search. This time, the right ear test did not respond a few times and failed.


Transfer to the ENT review, change the inspection equipment, the whole process needs to sit and lie in two positions, the baby fits well, the whole process is not crying, so the inspection is about 5 minutes. The result is normal. The doctor explained that the previous hearing failed because the baby was not sensitive to the sound and did not mean that he was hearing impaired.

A false alarm.

After having a child, my mother’s heart needs to be stronger and stronger. Here, tell the new parents who have the same problem, don’t panic, and the results of one check do not mean anything. But if you really encounter problems, it is the best policy to face positive solutions.

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