Hearing aid is generally composed of microphone (microphone), amplifier, receiver (headset) and power .According to the use of different types of hearing AIDS can be divided into pocket hearing AIDS, BTE hearing AIDS,ITE hearing AIDS and customized hearing AIDS.

The earliest hearing AIDS was analog amplifying circuit, which can only amplify the sound signal and other proportions, can not filter noise well, and sound distortion is serious, the actual use effect is poor.Hearing AIDS are now using digital signal amplifier, the voice signal into digital signal processing, noise control and feedback automatically by the more advanced digital circuit design, can better identify sound signals and accurately amplifier, the greatest degree to reduce the effects of noise, so for users, voice identification will improve a lot.

In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has led to the improvement of hearing aid technology.The combination of artificial intelligence and hearing AIDS makes hearing AIDS more humanized and intelligent.Through repeated machine learning, the hearing aid can be independently selected more suitable for the user’s amplification gain, to achieve more comfortable amplification effect.And it can set up different hearing scenes, so that hearing AIDS in a similar environment to make a better choice of intelligent amplification.It can even provide more information for users with poor speech recognition rate by means of speech recognition.

Hearing aid can not only “restore” hearing, but also alleviate tinnitus symptoms to some extent.Majority of tinnitus patients will be accompanied by deafness, according to their hearing condition to choose a suitable hearing aid, so that it can solve the problem of hearing, and can achieve the effect of covering tinnitus.Moreover, for people with hearing impairment, being able to hear the sound of the outside world can alleviate their irritability and depression and shift their attention, which is also helpful for relieving tinnitus symptoms.Nowadays, programmable hearing AIDS can be programmed according to the hearing curve through screening and matching before wearing to provide selective audiological support for patient.






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