What to do if the hearing aid is in the water?How to handle the hearing aid water

Summer is a season of abundant rain, especially in the rainy season, the climate is particularly humid, coupled with the hot summer temperatures, people are prone to sweating, the combination of rain and sweat will always allow the hearing aid to enter the water. Then, the hearing aid is in the water, what should I do? Please remember that once the hearing aid enters the water, do not blow it with a hair dryer! ! !

What to do if the hearing aid is in the water

Hearing aid This small public figure consisting of a variety of materials, delicate and expensive, precise and abnormal, once the use of hair dryers, microwave ovens, such as heating and dehumidification, the temperature is too high will not only accelerate the aging and oxidation of internal parts, high temperature heating when different materials Different shapes of cold shrinkage will accelerate the occurrence of cracks such as dry cracks and poor contact. Even more frightening is that the outer casing of the hearing aid may melt and deform before the internal steam evaporates.

1The first time to remove the hearing aid from the water;

2Dry the surface of the water stains;

3Open the battery compartment and remove the hearing aid battery;

Hearing aids for hearing aids are in the water, what should I do?

4Depending on the severity of the influent water, or if the hearing aid is dehumidified in the dry box, or take it to the professional fitting center as soon as possible for professional treatment.

Hearing aids are precision instruments, and they are expensive. If you accidentally wear them or change them because of water intake, you will not be able to pay for them. Therefore, pay more attention to them on weekdays and take them off before the water to prevent them from happening.

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