What if I wear a hearing aid ear itch?

Ear itch is caused by an ear infection, or earwax. Indeed, mold is easy to breed in warm subtropical, tropical environments. Because the external auditory canal is not easy to be exposed to sunlight, and often caused by sweating and water ingress, it is very suitable for the growth of mold in the ear and cause “ear mold disease”. If there is inflammation of the ear canal, inflammation of the eardrum or perforation of the eardrum, The accumulation of earwax makes it easier for the mold to grow in a large amount, causing itching, ear pain, and even tinnitus and hearing.

Skin allergies in the ear canal or stimulation by inflammatory secretions cause skin lesions such as ear canal eczema, which is also a possible cause of itching. However, most of the itching, the ears are very clean, the ear canal is clean and tidy, not only has no mold, but also no earwax. In fact, the skin of the ear canal is too dry and itchy, just like the skin of the body itself often uses soap after bathing. It becomes dry and itchy, and the original earwax oil also has some itching effect. “Eyes” is not an itching. The ear itch is not a disease. It itches but people can’t stand it. Especially in the middle of the night, it often wakes up. I wonder if someone really misses you? is there any other reason. Some people regard the ear as a great pleasure. When they don’t rub their ears for a day, they feel that they are not quite right. Every day, they use a variety of tools to lick their ears and wash their ears. It’s not a pleasure. Some people are not only happy, but also lick their ears. Become the boudoir of the boudoir. The question is, can the ears really solve the problem?

It is not only difficult to lick the itch, it is often more itch, and it is addictive, like forced behavior, not digging, and the skin of the ear canal is delicate and fragile, easy to break the skin and hurt, and it is inflamed when digging, causing many troubles. After the ear itch is diagnosed by the otolaryngologist, in addition to symptomatic treatment, plus professional ear local treatment to eliminate inflammation, clear pus, mold or ear wax, you can use ear syrup or topical ointment to relieve itching to achieve the effect of radical cure. Do not use it to relieve itching, and the more you dig it, the more damage it will cause.

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