What does Xiwantuo and Weiyin merge mean?

Big news just exposedSivantosAndWidexThe merger has shaken the entire hearing aid industry. Under the current background of the combination of vertical and horizontal, what is the huge impact of the alliance between the international giants, it is worthy of our calm and thoughtful!

2018Year5Month16DaySivantosAndWidexMerged into the top three industry giants in the world, will be125Countries with comprehensive multi-channel sales and distribution platforms, with estimated total revenue after merger16100 million euros, according to today’s exchange rate19Billion dollars, the business value of the transaction valuation merger entity exceeds70Billion euros83Billion dollars, really big!


According to news from the official website of the two sides, the merger aims to accelerate growth, strengthen market penetration and increase efficiency to increase investment in R&D and supply chain. This will enable the combined company to expand its use of hearing care through its professional sales force, improve the quality of life of millions of people through innovative solutions to a wider range of hearing needs, and engage them actively in social life.

In fact, in the final analysis, it is to maintain the absolute technological superiority in this field. The absolute technological advantage is achieved. It requires absolute R&D investment advantages and absolute talent introduction policies and global market competition strategies. It is expected to be added in core chips and some software fields. Great investment.

According to media reports from both official websites, the expected merger will be one of the most innovative R&D teams in the industry, with financial and strategic capabilities and strong digital skills to become innovative hearing aids and hearing care solutions. A strong global supplier. Joint R&D resources including800Experts in R&D centers in Singapore, Erlangen, Germany and Lenge, Denmark, with annual R&D expenditures exceeding1Billion euros, near2The investment of billion dollars has developed a new type of hearing aid products.

We are the only family of hearing aids that are entirely controlled by the Chinese themselves. We are still confident in the future! In fact, in the final analysis, it is full of confidence in our country and our nation.Hearing aidAs a branch of a large medical device category, it is not yet fully valued by domestic technology giants. A large number of national capitals have not chased this field for the time being.

This is because at present, the gap between us and the western developed countries in terms of national economy and people’s livelihood, major science and technology, and major scientific research projects is gradually narrowing, and some have even begun to lead! We are currently using the power of the nation to do big things!

We are not worried at all that the Chinese hearing aid industry will lag behind foreign giants in the future! When the Chinese complete the catch-up in most core areas, it is bound to raise the nation and the power of the whole nation to revitalize the hearing aid industry! Come on!


2015Since the beginning of the year, the business operations of Siemens’ former assistant department have been incorporated.SivantosGroup (headquartered in Singapore).SivantosCan review130German engineering and numerous global innovations over the years. Nowadays,SivantosIt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids. SivantosInternational sales organization owns5,950Employee, for120Hearing aids and accessories are available from hearing care specialists and sales partners in several countries. SivantosOwner is a joint investorStromngFamilyEQT. Sivantos GmbHIt is the brand license holder of Siemens AG.


With60Years of experience in developing the most advanced hearing technology,Widex(headquartered in DenmarkLynge) Provides an easy-to-use hearing solution that integrates seamlessly into everyday life so that people can hear it naturally. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing aids,WidexOn38Sales, manufacturing, operations, distribution and R&D departments in each country4,250Employees, products sold105Countries. Current strategy2018Launched in the year to doubling the business in five years. WidexDescendant of the founderTøpholmAndWestermannFamily owned.

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