What do you most want to do after the epidemic? Look at the wish list of netizens!


In the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak affects each of us. Many people have delayed returning to work, delayed school, and stayed at home every day.


What was once an ordinary little thing like shopping is now a luxury, and it is also at this time that everyone realizes the value of ordinary life.



Chinese netizens, who had to stay indoors for days to combat the ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus related pneumonia, began to share their wish lists of things they would do immediately after the epidemic goes away.




Among the 24,000 participants from all over the country, nearly half said they would love to meet their loved ones, and another 10,000 said they would go out shopping or go to a movie theater and eat hotpot, according to a popular online surveys under the topic “what you want to do most after the epidemic” launched on Chinese Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo on Sunday.




“I really need to hit the gym. I have spent days at home doing nothing but eating and watching TV shows on the couch between sleeps,” some vowed online.




Comments also showed that many wanted simply to resume their old routines.


“I would love to go back to my university to work on my dissertation, to make sure I can graduate on time,” wrote one.


“I want to work and make money, so I can buy myself a house,” wrote another.


Some also said they would love to reschedule their family gathering for the  Chinese New Year, as many who were fighting the epidemic in frontline areas had been unable to make it this year.




Under similar discussion topics, many netizens made more profound reflections on life and society in the aftermath of the outbreak.


“If we can survive the disaster, let’s remember not to devour wild animals. And if medical workers can save us from the disease, let’s learn to respect their lives and to treat them with kindness,” one netizen wrote.


“Even after the disease, we should develop habits of washing hands properly and frequently, and of wearing masks in crowded public places,” another proposed.

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