Hearing loss? I’m sure many people are unfamiliar with this word. In fact, hearing loss is our oral deafness.

Vision and hearing are two very important senses in our life. Both of them help us to understand the senses of the world and protect our eyesight. I believe that 3-year-old children all know about it. What about listening? Both are very important, but we often pay attention to vision, but ignore listening.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, nearly 1.1 billion people in the world are about to face the risk of hearing loss. The number of people who have hearing loss has reached 630 million, and nearly 50% of the 630 million people are still working.

Hearing loss can be divided into three types: sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss can be regarded as the best treatment effect, which is relatively easier to cure. After treatment, hearing recovery is the best, and sensorineural hearing loss is the most troublesome. Sensorineural hearing loss is an incurable hearing loss, and the hearing loss is irreversible. You want to hear the sound Hearing can only be compensated by wearing a hearing aid.

Secondly, there are many causes of hearing loss, such as aging of hearing organs, ototoxic drugs, inflammation in the ear, blockage of the ear canal, etc., but the main cause of hearing loss is noise! Noise is recognized as an important factor in suffering from deafness. When you are in a high noise environment for a long time, your hearing cells will be slowly damaged, eventually causing irreversible hearing loss. If it is impulse noise, it is easy to cause explosive deafness, such as firecrackers, bombs, flat tires, etc.

The International Health Organization (who-1997) divides hearing loss into the following categories:

If the average hearing loss is less than or equal to 25 decibels, it is normal hearing.

If the average hearing loss is 26-40 decibels, it is called mild hearing loss.

If the average hearing loss is between 41 and 60 decibels, it is called moderate hearing loss.

If the average hearing loss is 60-80 decibels, it is called severe hearing loss.

If the average hearing loss is greater than or equal to 80 decibels, we call it extremely severe hearing loss.

When you can’t hear clearly or hear what others say in daily communication, you often ask others to repeat words, which means that you have suffered from hearing loss. For hearing loss, early treatment is the king. Generally speaking, the earlier the treatment, the greater the possibility of recovery.

If you have been diagnosed with irreversible hearing loss, you should wear a hearing aid as early as possible to prevent further hearing loss. In addition to making us hear sound and compensating for hearing, the hearing aid can also protect residual hearing. Therefore, it is very important to wear a hearing aid as early as possible.

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