What causes the hearing aid to have no sound?

What causes the hearing aid to have no sound? Under normal circumstances First look at the battery if it has electricity If it is an in-ear machine To see if the hoe is blocked Is the earplugs blocked? If not worn for a long time Did you take the battery out? Battery is not taken out Easy to corrode movement If there are no such situations I have to get it in the store. Sent to the factory for maintenance I hope that my reply is helpful.First of all, to determine whether the battery has power, if the hearing aid is turned on, whether it is turned on, whether the microphone and the receiver are blocked by foreign objects, if you still have no sound, you need to return to the factory for repair.


1.Weather humid hearing aids are prone to moisture and regular dehumidification maintenance

2.耵聍 blockage regular cleaning and maintenance

3.Battery is dead

4.Hearing aid line aging

5.Buy branded hearing aids from regular manufacturers

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