What can be done with hearing impairment?What can I do with hearing aids?

In today’s highly inclusive society, despite the increase in the proportion of highly educated hearing impaired people, many companies still have concerns when hiring them. If you use a hearing-impaired employee and use a sound employee with the same qualifications and abilities, the cost of the business is much higher. A study survey shows that among normal people of employment age72%There is work, and the hearing impaired only48%. What is the reason for the low employment rate of the hearing impaired? Is it because they don’t have the right job to choose? of course not! For the hearing impaired, there are actually many career opportunities. Here are the six exciting careers for the hearing impaired!


01Event planning

Features: efficient, with knight spirit

Do you like to organize various activities for friends and family, such as birthdays, parting parties and anniversary? Suppose you have careful planning skills and efficient work ability can improve your confidence in this profession? If you have confidence in yourself, then you are the best person to organize your activities! In this area, the hearing impaired have countless career opportunities. For example, the National Association of Deaf Children/The Disabled Persons’ Federation is looking for a candidate like you!


Features: compassionate and problem solver

Are you willing to help other people with similar hearing loss? If you are willing, then this profession is worth looking forward to. As an audiologist, you will be responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hearing loss related problems. Your daily work mainly includes the selection and monitoring of hearing aids and cochlear implants, and language training through sign language or lip reading. In this work, your communication and behavioral skills will be greatly utilized. The functional areas of this position can be found in audiology clinics, schools, hospitals and other medical institutions.

03Social media manager

Features: creativity and sense of humor

Leading a team of newcomers to social media and training them will be part of your job. In addition, you will be responsible for managing and maintaining social media content. Your expertise will create images, custom graphics in you/Show your art and video and promote your organization, your creativity, hard work and humor will win you. This job that requires a high degree of responsibility seems to be difficult, but once you get on the right track, you will enjoy it.

04Day care service provider for children with hearing impairment

Features: empathy and patience

For parents of hearing-impaired children, leave the child in the nursery/Kindergartens are very difficult, especially when their children are not very likely to speak or understand. Therefore, ordinary day care institutions may not be able to meet the development needs of hearing-impaired children. This creates a new role for you, and you will bring a rainbow to the hearing impaired children. Once you have encountered similar problems while learning to read and write, who else is more suitable for this job than you? If you like children and like to impart knowledge, you should not hesitate to take this opportunity!

05Web designer/Programmer

Features: Interpretation and initiative

If creating unique designs and layouts is always what you are good at, then this profession should be listed in the first line of your career list. You don’t need much communication, you can show your potential and talent through work, and your design and programming skills will be fully demonstrated. And this is a relatively free job, you can work while you are in a comfortable home. To be a web designer, you need to have an in-depth understanding of programming code and visual design. In addition, you must pay close attention to the design and experience of other professionals, optimize search engines and be proficient in using software, such asPhotoshopAndIllustration.


Features: Simple innovation

Throughout ancient and modern China and foreign countries, although there are many writers, excellent writers are very scarce, because only those who have influence can climb to the top. Know why we are telling you this? Because everyone has a unique view of the world. Moreover, the writing community also warmly welcomes those who know how to present their opinions clearly and politely. Speaking of it, you may not believe that famous writers such as Sarah Norwich, Mary Matlin, and Donald Harrington have hearing loss. In addition, if you have little energy in the communication between people because of hearing loss, then writing can bring you calm, let your point of view jump on paper and get a corresponding return, isn’t that good? ?

This society has many hearing-impaired people with excellent academic performance, active thinking and excellent quality, even if the employment competition is so cruel. Few occupations require a person to have perfect hearing, such as health care work, copywriting, computer-based work, etc., all without hearing. Do you have these skills? If so, take the opportunity and the hearing impaired can create their own world.

Don’t give up on yourself easily, all roads lead to Rome, there is always a road leading to your own future!

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