What brand of old hearing aids is good?

At present, there are many brands of hearing aids on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The price is of course different from a few hundred to tens of thousands. However, it is recognized that there are six major brands with good quality, and there are hearing aids suitable for the elderly. In particular, the elderly themselves should go to the center to check the extent of hearing loss, combined with the condition of the ear canal. The economic situation and the hearing expectations that need to be met, the fitter will give you the appropriate recommendations, don’t worry too much.


What is the brand of the elderly hearing aids, how much money the elderly hearing aids generally: the world’s six major brands Switzerland’s Phonak, Denmark’s Resound, Denmark’s Oticon, Denmark’s only listening, the United States’ Stark, Germany’s Siemens ( Now that the market has been withdrawn, it has been renamed to Xiwantuo after being merged. The Siemens on the market are all in stock, and there are no new R&D products. The functions of the same price segment are similar. According to the preference for sound quality and the needs of the environment, we can go to the large-scale national chain hearing aid fitting center to audition and obtain the effect. As for the price, it is priced according to its function and the degree of problem solving. Basic paragraph2-3000Yuan, comfortable in the5-8000Yuan, there are more functions, better noise reduction, wireless function10000Diversified, of course, with the world’s top-class features, to solve the problem of hearing problems in complex environments40000A multi-purpose hearing aid. The fitting of hearing aids is not the pursuit of high-end, it is the most important for you. Good hearing aids can not only compensate for hearing, protect residual hearing, but also delay hearing loss and improve speech resolution.

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