What brand of hearing aids is better?Comprehensive recommendation

I remembered that a few days ago someone asked me on the Internet how to choose the most cost-effective for the elderly.Hearing aidIt is difficult to answer. First of all, everyone has a different understanding of the price/performance ratio. Secondly, the elderly must have three aspects of comprehensive listening comprehension.

First, the results of the hearing test, this is very easy to obtain. At present, the electric hearings of the domestic hearing center that I know are free of charge. More in-depth inspection items are charged, and the result of the general elderly selection using electrical audiometry is Fully enough, this online consultation can be very good.


Second, speech proficiency assessment, many people will ignore this point, think that it is good to hear, but a large part of the elderly are aware of the poor understanding of language when they are aware of the need for hearing aids. Class evaluation, without equipment testing to express at least through some simple communication to know the situation. third. Intuitive ear canal examination, this is about the choice of the shape of the hearing aid, many people think that the shape is not what you want to choose which one, wrong, in addition to the nature and degree of hearing and the preferences of each person to decide the shape, the ear canal condition is also special Attention, wet ear, oil ear is best to choose the ear type, and the ear type should choose a special series. The first point is no problem, the last two points on the network is difficult to know the results, so the question about the price/performance ratio is difficult to answer, we must recommend a so-called cost-effective machine, I can only give a price range for your reference All major brands have corresponding in this range. As for the machine, I really can’t recommend it. After talking about a bit of a problem, let’s talk about the problem of the subject. The price is divided into four segments.50-2000/RMB This kind of machine is called the simulator, and the ear-ear type is in-ear type. The conductive 聋 聋 flat pattern effect is still acceptable, and the mixing and sensory nerves can not be matched! As for the three kinds of points, the hearing center practitioners will talk about it, don’t tell you that you have to carefully consider where to go.2000-5000/RMB This type of basic digital machine, sensorineural hearing is barely available, and the other two types of hearing are acceptable. There are many other considerations, and there is not much to say.5000-15000/RMB This section of the high-end digital machine, the vast majority of hearing can be resolved in this paragraph.15000+RMB This is a high-end digital machine, and its performance is very good. It is mostly used for children’s speech rehabilitation and demanding young people, and the elderly use less.

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