What brand of hearing aids are used by the elderly?

There are no brands in hearing aids. The key is to look at your old man. Suitable for that kind My grandfather took Siemens and some miscellaneous brands now bring Danish Resin.

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To be honest, the hearing aids give me the same feeling. The hearing aids that my grandfather bought several times are all followed by me. Don’t listen to the sellers and tell you how much better, like I bought a few brands. I said it well when I bought it. After the problem, it was basically cold. Now this Ruishengda bought a friend who said last year that it is OK. Really, only the elderly know So buy a hearing aid, don’t worry about what brand it is. The key is to ask the elderly to see the old man with/Feel on the test belt There is good after-sales service. Only then. Don’t think that Siemens’s other brands are not good.

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