There are many brands of Jinghao hearing aids, but the working principle of all electronic hearing aids is the same. Any hearing aid includes six basic structures.

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1. Microphone (microphone or microphone) receives sound and converts it into electric wave form, that is, converts sound energy into electric energy.

2. Amplifier amplification electric signal (transistor amplification circuit)

3. Earphone (receiver) converts electrical signal into acoustic signal (that is, converts electrical energy into sound energy).

4. Insert the ear mold (earplug) into the external auditory canal.

5. Volume control switch

6. Battery for amplifier.

In addition to the above six components, most models of hearing aids also have three accessories, or three additional circuits (tone control, induction coil, output limit control). Modern electronic hearing aid is an amplifier. Its function is to increase the intensity of sound energy and transmit it into the ear without distortion. Because the sound energy of sound can not be amplified directly, it is necessary to convert it into electrical signal and then into sound energy after amplification. The input transducer consists of microphone (microphone or microphone), magnetic induction coil and other parts. Its function is to convert the input sound energy into electrical energy and transmit it to the amplifier. The amplifier amplifies the input electrical signal and then transmits it to the output transducer. The output transducer is composed of earphone or bone vibrator. Its function is to convert the amplified signal from electrical energy to sound energy or kinetic energy output. The power supply is an indispensable part of the working energy supply of hearing aids. In addition, there are peak clipping (PC) or automatic gain control (AGC) devices to meet the needs of patients with various degrees of deafness.

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