Professional fitting is very important. Wearing a hearing aid in time can effectively protect the residual hearing from being rapidly reduced to a level, and can improve the resolution of speech. Correct choice of hearing aids will not cause any adverse reactions. The drawback may be to spend money, but it also improves the quality of life of patients. Fish and bear’s paws can’t be all right. Money can be earned again.

Everything is poisonous, and everything needs to be looked at. If the profit outweighs the disadvantages, it is worthwhile. Some things are still not completely clear about science at present. How good and how bad it is. For example, anti-cancer drugs have major side effects, and they can resist victory in the past. There is no absolute good. Western medicine is to use data to speak. Although traditional Chinese medicine does not meet this standard, but the side effects must be, not to eat for a long time, eat more Uncomfortable. The reason is the same.

Link:What are the pros and cons of wearing a hearing aid?

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