What are the misunderstandings of the optional hearing aids?

1 : Hearing aids should be scientifically selected. Don’t buy them at will. First check your hearing and choose a hearing aid that suits your hearing.

2 : Hearing aids are unable to recover completely lost hearing. On the basis of hearing loss, you can compensate the inaudible sound within the hearing range. Now the hearing aids are adjusted on the computer, and different powers are selected according to the hearing situation. Hearing aids will not damage the hearing.

What are the misunderstandings of the optional hearing aids?

3 The price varies greatly from a few hundred yuan to several tens of thousands. The better the sound quality of the hearing aid, the higher the clarity, the higher the comfort, the better the noise reduction effect, especially in the noise environment. Well, some customers think that buying a cheap one first, if you are still wearing expensive, it is wrong, cheap hearing aids have poor definition, can’t hear clearly under noisy environment, if it’s not good Without the confidence of a good hearing aid, here is a reminder to try to choose a better hearing aid if your financial conditions permit.

4 : After the optional hearing aid, the battery must buy a battery for the hearing aid.

5 : Hearing and hearing can remind you to choose a professional fitting center to choose a hearing aid.

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