What are the dangers of poor hearing for the elderly?

Older people have poor hearing, the more severe the deafness, the more obvious the language barrier. Failure to wear a hearing aid can also lead to dementia. If you can’t hear clearly, the elderly will lose their interest in socializing, and they will gradually isolate themselves from the outside world and become silent and psychologically inferior.


60Hearing impaired in the age group and above accounted for the total hearing loss population76.87%. Hearing impairment not only makes old friends unable to listen to beautiful songs, pleasant communication, but also affects their physical and mental health and family harmony. Therefore, the elderly hearing impairment has become an important issue with aging. As a family member and a hearing impaired friend, I must face this problem squarely. It is no different from the need to wear glasses when vision loss is reduced. At the same time, it is recommended to go to a professional organization to carry out the fitting of the hearing aid through professional testing, so as to select a suitable model and achieve a good listening effect. But if there is a recent ear pus,3Sudden hearing loss, earache, etc. within a month, it is recommended to consult a professional otolaryngologist, after the exclusion of wearing taboos, the hearing aids are fitted.

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