The causes of deafness are as follows:

1. Noise pollution. Dance disco, KTV, talk on the phone, and listen to music with earphones for a long time. This is because the eardrum will be strongly vibrated. Once it breaks, it will follow. Telephone porridge and long-term wearing headphones are a kind of imperceptible noise pollution. At first, their damage to the ears is almost invisible, but in the long run, they will be subject to magnetic radiation, ear pollution, estimation damage and a series of factors that cause deafness.

2. Foreign stimulus. Once excessive use of tobacco, wine, spicy, barbecue, pickled, hot and other irritant food, the ear will be seriously stimulated, which will affect the microcirculation in the ear, thus causing the health problems of deafness.

3. Foreign matters are put into ear canal. Parents should teach children not to put beans, beads and nuts into the ear canal. When insects like mosquitoes fly into or climb into the ears, do not take them out directly with instruments, but use alcohol or oil to drop them into the ears to drown or kill them quickly before taking them out.

4. Hold your nose tightly and blow hard. If you blow your nose incorrectly, you may blow it into your middle ear. The right way is to press one nostril with your fingers, and then try your luck in several times. The pressure should not be too high. Blow one side and then the other side.

5. Ear digging. As the saying goes, “if you don’t dig your ears, you won’t be deaf.” there is a certain truth. As it may cause damage to the wall of the auditory canal, it will seriously damage the middle and inner ear, resulting in deafness.

6. Wash or use ear drops after traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane. The correct way is to block the external ear canal with sterilized cotton ball to prevent the invasion of foreign bacteria.

7. Too much pressure. Nowadays, the social competition is fierce. Some young people often have to bear the overload of work pressure and study pressure. They are highly nervous. Once they are not recognized by others, their mood is quite low. If they go on for a long time, the nerve regulation in their ears will be depressed, and they will have deafness.

8. Drug poisoning. Just because young people are busy with their study and work and have no time to go to the hospital for treatment after they have health problems, it is the most commonly used method for them to go to the drugstore to buy medicine. In this way, drug poisoning will occur. Some drugs containing toxic ingredients will be misused. Because the dosage is not large, the whole body will not have serious health problems, but the inner ear organs are tender and sensitive, so it leads to sudden deafness.

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