benefits of hearing aids for the elderly_

The main function of the hearing aid is to help the hearing-impaired patient to hear the sound, so as to solve the hearing problems encountered in life. For the elderly with hearing loss, the benefits of wearing a hearing aid are as follows:


1. Improve the quality of life of the elderly. Due to the decline of physiological functions, the hearing system is also weakening. Some elderly people have reduced their communication with the outside world due to hearing loss, and their psychology has become lonely or even dementia, which seriously affects the quality of life of the elderly. Therefore, it is recommended that the elderly should wear hearing aids as early as possible to avoid the impact of their later life.

2. The nerve cells in the hearing center need to rely on the stimulation of sound to achieve the purpose of exercise. Therefore, it is very important for each patient with hearing loss to be able to have both ears in a normal vocal state, and to stimulate the excitation of the auditory nerve through sound stimulation.

3. It can improve the socialization of the elderly and enrich their lives. After wearing a hearing aid, you can better communicate with family and friends, making life more enjoyable.

4. Increase the safety of travel for the elderly. The old man with hearing loss will recognize the direction of the car horn after wearing the hearing aid in both ears.

(Judy@Jinghao Medical)

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